poison ivy
portia isaacs
I'll take your heart,
to kick around as a toy.
The danger is I'm dangerous.
And I might just tear you apart.

Portia Isaacs didn't get off to a great start in life. When she was two, her parents left her with a babysitter for a night out and were killed in a horrific car crash. It was then that Portia was unfortunately another child among many bouncing around Seattle's foster care system, stuck with parents who more often than not weren't the most nurturing of folks. From a young age, people knew that Portia was an incredibly intelligent child whom immersed herself in her studies voluntarily - meanwhile, her peers had to be dragged by the ear to do their school work but for Portia, it was an escape from the unstable hell she lived in. If, for a second, she got remotely comfortable with a nice family; there was always a problem and it was off to the next batch of scumbags looking for the check that came along with having a foster child in their care. Portia distanced herself enough to survive. She didn't make much of a fuss for the people she was placed with, behaved generally well, and learned how to be invisible.

Being invisible meant getting lost in the world of academia. (It also meant a certain lack of social skills but Portia was a very observant, adaptable child). Portia knew if she kept her head down that she would have more of a chance at stability in a foster home and a better chance at adoption if she were well behaved. Regardless, she cycled in and out of homes but the one thing she had going for her was her keen mind. Although Portia excelled in most subjects, her main talents lied in science and maths. Science was sound. Science was reliable. In her early teens, Portia was taken in by a wealthy family. At the time, she didn't know it was for the sake of bettering their image and appearing charitable but it was a dream come true for a girl who was so used to her foster parents blowing the extra income that she provided. Until, of course, one day it all went to hell as per usual. There was a girl at her school who reveled in taunting Portia after Portia objected to helping the girl cheat and would be quick to point out how she stuck out like a sore thumb. Pushed to the edge, the two came to blows and Portia tried to explain to her strict upper crust foster family that she'd been pushed into a corner but it fell upon deaf ears. Her social worker was called and it was off to the next home after fourteen months of relative stability.

The last family she was placed in her teens consisted of an older woman named Jane Isaacs who actually nurtured and encouraged Portia's stellar intelligence and IQ. Jane suffered from empty nest syndrome after her children had grown into adults and her husband had passed away from cancer. Portia felt herself grow attached to a maternal figure for once in her life and accepted the encouragement and sometimes tough love that Jane had to offer. Sure, her foster mother told her she was a smart ass that needed to learn how to respect her elders but Jane soon learned that very few of Portia's past foster parents were worthy of her respect as Portia opened up to her more. Portia graduated high school with high marks and went off to college a year earlier than expected thanks to taking accelerated classes, happily funded by Jane's bank account.

Though a disciplined and rigid student, NYU was the first time Portia could be something other than the poor little foster girl. Jane had signed the papers to make her adoption official during her senior year and she had reinvented herself, taking on Jane's last name and now finally a normal girl approaching adulthood. Rather than staying invisible, Portia lived her life as a carefree college student when her nose wasn't in a book and figured out she had a certain knack for toying with the opposite (and same) sex. She'd never thought her looks were an asset, only focusing on keeping her nose clean and in a book. Yet she'd learned that both her brains and her beauty could get her far in life. Quite frankly, she enjoyed the attention she got for both. The life of an ordinary college student came to an abrupt end when Jane was diagnosed with lung cancer when Portia was obtaining her masters and died six months later - not only did Jane leave her entire estate to Portia but it encouraged Portia to pursue her dream to be a doctor as a way to thank Jane and make sure her death wasn't in total vain.

Dilligent and studious, Portia never let much deter her from her goals at hand until when she was in medical school, she met the man of her dreams. Portia, the eternal skeptic, was sure that this wasn't going to last after going through men and being stuck in one undesirable relationship after another but this one was different, as much as she tried to fight it. For once in her life, she was getting the love and validation that she had been so desperate for as a child and she felt whole. The two both got accepted into internships at hospitals close enough to one another that they were able to pick out a house right smack dab in the middle of their respective hospitals. He put a ring on Portia's finger and she gladly accepted, balancing making rounds with deciding on color palettes for her wedding.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

With the wedding looming, tension between the couple had developed - enough that family and friends noticed but dismissed it as the two of them having wedding jitters about their big day. One fight between the engaged couple had been so bad that Portia had driven off in the middle of it to clear her head and spent the rest of her night aimlessly driving down back roads. In the morning, she had prepared her apology speech but instead found her fiance's lifeless body floating in the pool.

The toxicology report showed traces of anti-anxiety medication as well as alcohol in his system and the death was ruled accidental. However, Portia was without an alibi for the evening as she hated driving on main streets. The final nail in the coffin was that two weeks ago, her fiance had named Portia as the sole beneficiary to his very generous life insurance policy. As if it wasn't enough that Portia had lost the second person in her life that gave a damn, the entire town thought she had gotten away with the perfect crime. Although the police later on discovered footage of Portia sleeping in her car at a gas station around the presumed time of death - the damage was done and Portia opted to get the hell out of dodge for her fellowship after nearly two years of scrutiny. She had enough.

In 2010, Portia moved to Boston to escape the death and destruction that had been plaguing her life. Her noble cause is putting her effort into saving lives to atone for the loved ones that she has lost; almost believing herself to be "cursed". Eventually, Portia sold out and went into private practice where she could focus on holistic and alternative medicine without as much scrutiny and with people who actually appreciated her work.

Until, of course, her life changed in a way that even she couldn't foresee. The presence of one Pamela Isley as well as newfound abilities rendered her unable to keep her comfortable job in private practice. Looking for something less hands on (literally) and more challenging, she put in applications to research positions and teaching positions at several local universities until she accepted a job as an assistant professor of biology at Boston University starting in the fall of 2016.

⤑ name portia rose isaacs ⤑ comicverse pamela isley / poison ivy ⤑ date of birth + age may 4th, 1980 + 37 ⤑ birthplace seattle, washington ⤑ current residence charlestown, boston, massachusetts ⤑ occupation assistant professor of biology @ boston university ⤑ relationship status single ⤑ personality Taurus / ENTJ / Type 8
Doctor Pamela Lillian Isley grew up in Seattle; daughter to wealthy yet distant parents. In college, she specialized in botany and toxicology and was a very promising, but naive, student. Her professor, Doctor Jason Woodrue, later known as the Floronic Man, seduced her, hoping to persuade her into becoming a human test subject for his experiments. These experiments, according to Isley, were torturous. Twice, she was nearly killed, and ended up in the hospital for six months. Woodrue fled the authorities, while Isley was left with a changed physiology. Toxins in her bloodstream made her touch deadly and immune to all poisons, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. She also gained the ability to produce pheromones that she could use to seduce men into doing her bidding. Unfortunately, the results of these experiments also also left her barren, and she has treated her plants as her children ever since.

comic parallels • same initials, both have middle names that are flowers (lillian vs. rose)

• grew up in seattle & lost her parents mysteriously

• genius level intellect

• both had a boyfriend who died under mysterious circumstances in an accident

• both hold PhDs - although portia's is in internal medicine.

• close relationship with harley quinn in the au, as well as cv. associates with other members of batman's rogues gallery too.

• both are morally ambiguous, sexually fluid redheads

locked incentives (abilities) expertise in botany & toxicology
chlorokinesis/pheromone control
toxikinesis/toxic immunity
hand-to-hand combat (basics)
enhanced durability
enhanced strength
enhanced agility
vulnerability to darkness
mental instability

locked incentives (items) handheld crossbow
classic costume
animated series costume
new 52 costume
green skin
skin pigment manipulation
barbed whipping vines
poisoned darts
poisoned lipstick
plant avatars
living vine costume
truth serum secretions
locked incentives (memories) veil lifted as of 10/31/2016

Point of Canon
Pamela Isley is pulled from New Earth as well as Prime Earth.
education new york university
• bachelor of science in biochemistry(1997-2001)

new york university
• masters in biochemistry (2001-2003)

university of wisconsin - madison
• doctor of medicine(2003-2007)

university of michigan - ann arbor
• medical residency (2007-2010)

mass general hospital
• immunology fellowship (2010-2012)

facts • burns through significant others quicker than she can say "it's not you, it's me". (actually, it's them, portia claims)

• inherited a large amount of money from both her foster mother's estate as well as her fiance's insurance policy. in honor of her foster mother, she changed her name legally to portia isaacs and kept her seattle home as a get away home although portia loathes the weather there. she lives comfortably and often donates her money to charity.

• however, this does not mean portia doesn't enjoy the finer things in life such as expensive clothes and jewelry.

• despises the pharmaceutical industry and sees them as nothing more than a money mongering industry that profits off of ill people. prefers the holistic and alternative approach to medicine but does recognize that there are times when medication is the only option.

• left her job in private practice after going through her first "shift" as poison ivy and accidentally putting a friend in the hospital with her newfound abilities, decided to go into academia and research at MIT. that doesn't mean she doesn't think about poisoning some of her students and colleagues at times.

• funnily enough, portia did not have a green thumb until ivy came into her life. the first "present" ivy left for her to take care of was a venus flytrap affectionately named "pookie ii" as an ode to little shop of horrors.

• deals with complex PTSD after getting kidnapped in october 2016, adamantly refused to see a psychologist for this condition and tends to deal with her trauma in not so kosher ways and by giving into certain vices (see: alcohol and sex).


adoptive mother: jane isaacs
58 years old. d. 2002.

teaching schedule (spring '17) 7.06 : CELL BIOLOGY
      • Thu 9:30 - 10:30am
      • Thu 2 - 4:00pm
      • MW 11 - 12:30am
      • Thu 11 - 1:00pm
      • MW 9:30am - 10:30am