Important news effective July 2016
Portia Isaacs
to Current patients

Dear patients,

It is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions to announce that effective July 5th, 2016, I will no longer be affiliated and practicing medicine with the Norwood Practice. After four years of being privileged enough to practice medicine and providing your care, it has not been an easy decision for me to make.

There are other doctors in the practice that I would be more than happy to recommend that are currently taking on new patients, if you choose to stay within the practice. Christopher J. Perkins, MD is an esteemed doctor having graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine with ten years of experience, Ralph DiMaggio, MD is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine with five years experience and emphasizes in alternative and holistic medicine such as myself and is board certified, Anne Jessup MD has been eight years of experience with this practice as well as being a graduate of University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Michelle Cooley, MD has been with the practice for thirteen years and is a board certified graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. The doctor coming in to fill my absence within the practice is none other than Janice Scott, MD who comes to the practice after having been with Mass General for six years and is a graduate of UCLA's school of medicine.

For each doctors' specified availability, please contact the office at (617) 414 - 9400.

Whether you wish to stay with Norwood or go elsewhere for your medical care, your medical records will be transferred to your new primary care physician. As always, your records are confidential and will only be released with your permission to another doctor. You can find the authorization form on our website as well as at the office. Please fill out the authorization form in a timely matter to your new physician. If you do not choose to stay with Norwood, I have a list of other doctors in the greater Boston area that are taking on patients that I would be more than happy to recommend and write you a referral to. Until then, your records will remain with Norwood.

Best wishes on your future health, I have treasured our relationship and your loyalty over the years. Thank you for choosing myself and Norwood for your medical needs.


Portia L. Isaacs, MD.